Steps routine Korean products for your beauty ritual

We have heard many times about the beauty routines that you have to follow to achieve perfect skin. Regardless of the products we use, there are a few steps that we should never skip to maintain a healthy and cared-for skin. The most important steps are to do a good facial cleansing and hydrate yourself every day. No matter what type of skin we have, these two steps are essential for facial care. You may have heard of many steps in the Korean routine. It is made up of several series that do not necessarily include the exact 10.

Korean cosmetics online

At Naturals by Gina we focus more on skin care rather than makeup. If you want to buy quality Korean cosmetics in, look in our categories the products that we have available:

Moisturizing creams

To eliminate dry skin and excess oil.

Eye creams.

Ideal for the protection and recovery of the skin around the eyes.

Face cleaner.

That will leave the skin clean and fresh

Face masks

Very nutritious, hydrating and soothing. To use day or night.

Toners And Scrubs

Moisturizing scrubs and cleansers of impurities.


Protection of facial skin from excessive sun.

Make-up removers

They will remove all makeup from the face, leaving it clean.


That rejuvenate the skin

Facial lotions

With the same function as a cream but with textures that are absorbed faster.

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